Zsuzsanna Arendas

Research Fellow

Contact information

Budapest, Nador u. 11
+36 1 327-3000 x2576

Zsuzsa’s work has focused on social inequalities, labour relations and transnational mobilities for the past more than one decade.  

She has researched acts of citizenship in case of immigrants (’Enacting European Citizenships’, lead by E. Isin from the Open University, UK), cooperated with the Ethnographic Museum in Budapest studying the material aspects of migration (OTKA research project). As a researcher of the Center for Policy Studies at CEU, she participated in ’ASSESS: Assessing Immigrant Integration in case of Vulnerable Groups’, focusing on TCN women, children and unaccompanied minors, in ’IR-Multiling’, researching the role of multilingualism in labour relations, in ’Bridge to Business’ project on the employment of young educated Roma in Hungary. As part of the same research project she has also worked on the divesity/ equality policies and practices of MNCs in Hungary. Zsuzsa researched Hungarian labour relations within the ’ETHOS, towards new perspectives on justice and fairness’ project funded by the EU, focusing on the processes of the unionization in the automobile industry in Hungary. Currently, she is working on the Horizon 2020 research project titled 'MIMY: Migrant youth integration and empowerment', researching on young migrants in vulnerable conditions.

Zsuzsa is also a research fellow at the Center for Social Research (formerly Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Sociology Institute. She is focusing in her research on intra-EU mobilities of children and young people from the CEE region. She has formerly taught at the Roma Access Program and OLive-Up program for refugee students, currently teaches courses at the CHSP and UG program (CPS) at CEU PU on transnational mobilities and heritage. 


Ph.D. Communication studies (Pecs University 2010)
M.A. Nationalism studies, (CEU 2001)
M.A. Ethnology (Pecs University 1999)
M.A. English (Pecs University 1999)