Class 2023-25


Assadilayeva, Karina | Kazakhstan
MA thesis topic: Digital Conservation of Semey City Architecture with AI
Aydin, Cagla | Turkey 
MA thesis topic: Exploring the Issues Surrounding Missing and Stolen Artifacts from Their Homelands: A Case Study of the Elgin Marbles and the British Museum


Class 2022-24


Akkaya, Batuhan | Turkey
MA thesis topic: 
Climate Heritage Action: A Roadmap for Kadıköy’s Local Administrations
Bace, Daniela | Albania 
MA thesis topic: Technological Innovations within the Built Heritage. Case Study: City of Gjirokastër, Albania

Brabencova, Alena | Czech Republic

MA thesis topicFrom Tradition to Transmission: Revival of Beekeeping Heritage in Czech Republic and Lessons from Slovenian Heritage Management Infrastructure

Cunha, Julia Jovita | Brazil 
MA thesis topicMining as Toxic Heritage: The Potential for Memory Activism in Museum Spaces in Belo Horizonte
Naufil Naseer, Fattima | Pakistan 
MA thesis topic:
 Golden Threads of Woven Faith: The Divine Craftmenship, Material, and Intangible Symbolism of Hand-Knotted Persian Carpets in North Central Pakistan
Pourchet, Roxane | France
MA thesis topic: Crumbling down the 2003 UNESCO Convention: The Heritagisation of the French Baguette Bread
Ruigomez Eraso, María | Spain 
MA thesis topic: Forgetting? Forget It: Negotiating Spanish Collective Memory Through Art
Vanniez-Salvesen, Solveig | Norway/France
MA thesis topic: Negotiating Sámi Cultural Heritage in Norvegian Spaces: The Case of the National Museum in Oslo, the Nordic Pavilion and the Sámi Landscape
Wangchuk, Pema | Bhutan 
MA thesis topic: Managing Living Religious Heritage: The Case of Tamzhing Monastery in Bumthang, Bhutan