Alice Choyke

Associate Professor

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Vienna, Quellenstrasse 51
Alice Choyke is an archaeologist and zooarchaeologist. She currently holds the title of Associate Professor in the Medieval Studies department and Cultural Heritage Program of CEU. She received her BA from the University of Pittsburgh.She received PhD in 1983 from the State University of New York at Binghamton and the degree of Candidate from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1984.
 She has taught courses in Material Culture and Animal-Human Studies since 1998 in the Medieval Studies Department. Her research has otherwise focussed on various aspects of worked osseous materials from prehistoric, proto-historic and historic periods in Hungary, Switzerland, Anatolia, Armenia and Azerbaijan (Nakhchivan). She has edited numerous academic volumes on zooarchaeology, worked bone, and animal-human interactions in the Middle Ages.
     Previous to her connection with the Central European University she worked at the Aquincum Museum in Budapest. She ran the zooarchaeology laboratory there and held the title senior curator for faunal materials. She has worked on numerous archaeological excavations around the world and been a guest lecturer for block courses on method and theory for worked hard osseous materials at universities in Sweden, China and Turkey.
     She has worked in and helped the founder of the Cultural Heritage program develop the curriculum almost from the beginning of the program.  Dr. Choyke has supervised a number of students in the program each academic year since its inception and currently teaches in the thesis writing seminars for first and second year students.

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