Cultures in Danger (CiD) Initiative

The Cultures in Danger (CiD) initiative was launched by the students of the Cultural Heritage Studies Program at CEU. Its goal is to inform the audience about various cultures, their values, traditions, and fragileness; to present currently important issues of the preservation of cultural identity in today’s political, social and economic conditions.

Students of the Cultural Heritage Studies Program organize events each year along these lines. By raising these issues in an international academic environment, the CiD initiative is aimed to create a community that is aware of and engaged in the diversity of cultures in contemporary societies.


Sami Culture Week

Beyond the Glasshill - Unearth Culture in the Heart of the Pilis Mountains

“Are You Game?” Origin, Transformation, and Culture of Games
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Memories of the Danube
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Cultural Appropriation: Misuse or Appreciation?

Gods on the Road: Vehicular Art in the Indian Subcontinent

“Connecting Humanity One Symbol at a Time" Exploring Ghanaian Culture and Heritage through Adinkra Symbols

The Architecture of Late Socialism: Ghosts of the Past or Endangered Heritage?

A Journey in Islamic Art – Rediscovering Heritage from East to West.