Industrial Heritage

From Burden to Resource: Industrial Heritage in Central-Eastern Europe (2020/21)

Supported by The Visegrad Fund


Book: Dóra Mérai et al. From Burden to Resource: Uses of Industrial Heritage in East-Central Europe. Budapest, Archaeolingua, 2021 ISBN 978-615-5766-52-7 URL:

Industrial Heritage in East-Central Europe

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About the project:

The project will link experts from regions where heritage reuse has a long tradition with those from places where it is an emerging field, but a pressing issue too, such as the Visegrad countries, so as to identify the specific challenges and find new solutions by adapting already existing heritage strategies. Reusing industrial heritage is still an emerging discipline in our region, so there is a need for a multidisciplinary body of experts, including the field of heritage, who can recognize these opportunities and help industrial heritage to become a driver for economic development and community empowerment. The expert network and new knowledge generated by our project can be a resource for policymakers and developers focusing on industrial heritage. Our project addresses the gap between heritage specialists focusing on heritage assets and urban planning policymakers and developers focusing on social and economic development. The project includes an online summer course, a series of webinars, and a face-to-face workshop in Budapest for urban planners and municipality employees from V4 regions. It will focus on practical ways the urban planners can reuse their industrial heritage for social and economic development.

Our Visegrad partner institutions are the Metropolitan Research InstituteMaterialityAlliance of Old Market Hall, and Tomas Bata University.