Class 2022-24


Akkaya, Batuhan | Turkey
MA thesis topic: Provisioning Inclusive Public Amenities: Exploring Urban Anthropology Approaches for IHSs in Istanbul
Bace, Daniela | Albania 
MA thesis topic: Technological Innovations within the Built Heritage. Case Study: City of Gjirokastër, Albania

Brabencova, Alena | Czech Republic

MA thesis topicBeyond the Buzz: From Rural to Urban Beekeeping in Czech Republic and Slovenia

Cunha, Julia | Brazil 
MA thesis topic: Online Tools towards Belonging: An Unexpected Path for Engaging Audiences at Risk of Exclusion in Belo Horizonte
Naufil Naseer, Fattima | Pakistan 
MA thesis topic: 
Golden Threads and Woven Faith: The Subtle Symbolism and Intricate Construction of 10th Century Islamic Carpet Construction, and the Application of Geometric Design Principles Transcribed through Islamic Cultural Poetry in the Creation of the Muslim Identity
Pourchet, Roxane | France
MA thesis topic: A Bready Problem: When UNESCO World Heritage List Crumbles Apart. A Critical Analysis of Gastronomy’s Intellectual Property Protection within UNESCO World Heritage List
Ruigomez Eraso, María | Spain 
MA thesis topic: Correcting the Past – Has Germany Found a Just and Fair Solution yet? (Repatriation)
Vanniez-Salvesen, Solveig | Norway/France
MA thesis topic: Decolonizing the North: The Place of Sámi Cultural Heritage in Norway
Wangchuk, Pema | Bhutan 
MA thesis topic: Study of Buddhist Temples from Intangible and Tangible Aspects to Deduce Chronological Progression from Earliest Recorded (7th Century) to 20th Century in Bumthang District, Bhutan

Class 2021-23

Barakat, Mahmoud | Syria
MA thesis topic: Heritage in Conflict Times: Documentation, Assessment and Digital Preservation of the Ancient Villages of Northern Syria
Di Bella Diaz De Leon, Mariana | Mexico
MA thesis topic: The Pursuit of Preservation: Overtourism and Heritage Sites in the Yucatan Peninsula
Dzhamanbaeva, Nellya | Kyrgyzstan
MA thesis topic: Researching and Preserving Kyrgyz National Dances. Digital Conservation and Media Promotion
Ford, Kristina | United States of America
MA thesis topic:
 Putting the "Public" in Public Archives
Ibrahim, Samah | Egypt
MA thesis topic: The Threatened Cultural Heritage of Port Said: Rehabilitation and Preservation Strategies
Michailovskis, Gopalas | Lithuania
MA thesis topic: A Culture Without a Home: The Intangible Heritage of Lithuanian Roma
Sijapati, Alisha | Nepal
MA thesis topic: Documentation and Preservation of Trafficked Artefacts of Nepal’s Cultural Properties: Decoding Policies to Preserve Intangible Heritage in Nepali Society
Thomas, Isabel | United Kingdom 
MA thesis topic: Understanding Cover Bands as a Form of Intangible Cultural Heritage
Dendup, Tshewang | Bhutan 
MA thesis topic: Cultural Settlement and Its Management