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Courses offered by CHSP

Introduction to Research Resources for Cultural Heritage Studies (1 credit) József Laszlovszky

Fall Term

Courses offered by CHSP:

Academic Writing | Ágnes Diós-Tóth

Cultural Heritage Project and Event Management 1 (2 credits) Zsuzsanna Szálka

Gospels, Graffiti, Grocery Lists: Writing Culture and Its Material Evidence in Antiquity adn the Middle Ages (2 credits) Volker Menze 

Historiography of Cultural Heritage (2 credits) Dóra Mérai, József Laszlovszky

Museums, Collections, Exhibitions: An Introduction to Museology (2 credits) Katalin SzendeJózsef Laszlovszky

Music in the Focus: Leadership, Curatorial Practices and Social Engagement (2 credits) Zsuzsanna Szálka

Nature-Culture Linkages in Heritage Management (2 credits) Alice Choyke, Vijay Ramchandani

Participation and Public Engagement in Cultural Heritage Governance (2 credits) Dóra Mérai

Presenting Cultural Heritage (2 credits) Günhan Börekci 

Religious Art Centers: Rome, Paris, Vienna (2 credits) Béla Zsolt Szakács 

The Anthropology of Heritage (2 credits) Tamás Régi, Zsuzsanna Árendás

Thesis Writing Seminar (0 credit) József Laszlovszky, Alice Choyke


Courses from other departments:

Icono | Graphy: Interactions of Image and Text (2 credits) Ulrich Meurer

Museums and Public History (2 credits) Nathaniel Prottas, Matti Bunzl

Winter Term

Courses offered by CHSP:

Academic Field Trip seminar (joint course with the Department of Medieval Studies, 2 credits) József LaszlovszkyAnastasia Felcher

Advanced Thesis Writing Seminar (2 credits) Alice Choyke

Countercultures in Late Socialist Central Europe (2 credits) Gábor Klaniczay

Cultural Heritage and Memory Studies: Global Encounters (2 credits) Anastasia Felcher

Cultural Heritage Project and Event Management 2 (2 credits) Zsuzsanna Szálka

Culture of Book and Library in Central Europe (2 credits) Balázs Nagy 

Ethical Issues in Cultural Heritage (2 credits) C. Timothy McKeown

From Hamlets to Metropolises: Sources and Uses of Settlement Topography (2 credits) Judit Majorossy

History of Monument Protection (2 credits) Béla Zsolt Szakács 

Interpreting History and Heritage (2 credits) Günhan Börekci 

Nation-Building, Ethnicities, and Cultural Heritage (2 credits) Éloïse Adde, Daniel Ziemann

Operations Management and HR of Cultural Institutions (2 credits) Zsuzsanna Szálka

Interpreting History and Heritage (2 credits) Günhan Börekci

Research Methodology and Thesis Planning Seminar (0 credit) József Laszlovszky

Preserving Heritage: Science, Technology, and Documentation (2 credits) Marcell Sebők

Spring Term

Courses offered by CHSP:

Legal and Institutional Protection of Cultural Heritage 1 (2 credits) 

Legal and Institutional Protection of Cultural Heritage 2 (Advanced, 2 credits) 

Historical Layers of a City: Roman and Medieval Vienna  (1 credit) József Laszlovszky

Prospectus Writing Seminar (1 credit) Alice Choyke, József Laszlovszky

Thesis Writing Seminar (1 credit)

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