Future-Oriented Cultural Leadership

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March 31, 2022, Thursday, from 3:40 PM to 5:10 PM CET

Join us for a conversation with Tiffany Fukuma, Managing Director for Trans Europe Halles. She is an activist, leader, and organizer specializing in the DIY art scenes and nonprofit sectors in their relation to urban and social transformation, at an international level. Tiffany strongly supports civic actors running vibrant and impactful arts spaces, making art, or building theory and advocacy for the independent cultural sector.

About this conversation

Future-oriented cultural leadership is not something already discovered, described in the books, and waiting to be implemented in cultural heritage organizations or projects. Instead, it is an emerging cluster of ideas, vision, and passion to develop by the salient stakeholders. Tiffany Fukuma will share her experience of developing such an approach as a managing director of Trans Europe Halles, one of the oldest and most dynamic cultural networks in Europe. In her presentation, Tiffany will address such topics as conscious leadership (acknowledging whom we inherit culture from) as well as pragmatic and ethical leadership (resisting the heritage fetish, embracing the concept of the heritage of the future, etc.).

Event details

This conversation will consist of a 15-minute presentation by Tiffany Fukuma, followed by a 70-minute Q&A facilitated by Maryam Shah and Nana Twumasi, CEU MA students.

About the speaker

Tiffany Fukuma has been a part of DIY arts and activist communities since the late 90's in France and in Japan. Over time, she developed an interest in counter-cultures and their relation to governments and to urban planning. With an interest in art and democracy, art in public space, digital art, and more recently, cultural Third Spaces, she gained experience from working on the ground. Tiffany has collaborated with arts squats and clubs in Lyon, Geneva, and Paris and co-managed Paris-based electronic venue Batofar for 2 years. She has learned through her experience in the Japanese alternative arts and music scene, alongside Japanese avant-rock band Acid Mothers Temple and independent record label Sonore. Later, she joined the public service, first at the cultural services of the French Embassy in Tokyo. Recently, Tiffany had been working in the City of Paris and the City of Bordeaux (France) and at the Consulate General of France in Toronto. She overlooked advising government bodies and counseling artists and cultural organizations in France and Canada on international cooperation projects. Further adding to her experience is her involvement in EU-funded cultural initiatives, such as Europe Creative, European Capital City of Culture, EUNIC Global, EUPOP3.