Empowering teams and networks for change in cultural organizations

CEU Cultural Heritage Leadership Conversations

March 10, 2022, Thursday, from 8:30 to 10:10 AM CET

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Join us for a conversation with Jasper Visser, strategic advisor for social and cultural organizations and director of Stichting 2030 in the Netherlands.

About this conversation

Cultural heritage organizations are conservative by design, meant to preserve objects and ideas. Yet, governments and audiences alike challenge them to be progressive, change their missions and methods in a digitized, globalized, and climate-challenged world. This tension makes changing the organization of cultural heritage a delicate job. How do you structure an organization so that it is part of a dynamic, ever-changing landscape? How do you lead teams through a moment of change? How can you make a cultural heritage organization part of larger societal changes without losing its identity? Jasper Visser will reflect on his experience in structuring cultural organizations for change from the bottom-up by making them (part of) dynamic networks with close ties to the communities they are part of and the society they exist in.

Event details

This online conversation will consist of a 15-minute presentation by Jasper Visser, followed by 60-minutes Q&A from the prepared question and the class participants facilitated by Mr. Dendup Tshewang, CEU MA student.

About the speaker

 Jasper Visser is committed to a better and more sustainable future. As a strategic advisor, project manager, and facilitator, he helps organizations be more effective and impactful. He combines a background in sustainable development and international relations with extensive international experience in the social, cultural, and civic sectors. Currently, Jasper is director of Stichting 2030, where he strengthens the bottom-up infrastructure of the Netherlands to face the significant challenges of our time.

Twitter: @jaspervisser